7 Ways to Find Best Sex Doll Site and Avoid Scams

7 Ways to Find Best Sex Doll Site and Avoid Scams

As the number of sex doll customers grows, it is necessary to have merchants on the market selling counterfeit branded goods to learn how to avoid sex doll scams. To help you determine the truth and falsehood, this article analyzes from multiple angles.

Before you buy: First, you need to learn how to judge reliability from the information on the website. Here are 7 ways to determine if a sex doll website is real or not.

1. Check if the product picture is clear

I hate websites with blurry photos and I don’t know what information the website wants to express. Many fraudulent sites have been copied from branded sex doll shops and these images look very blurry. Watch out for sites like this!

2. Whether the email address suffix is ​​a domain

These mailbox names make it easy for consumers to identify their email ID. Only registered legal merchants can have this type of mailbox. This shows permission and trust. Therefore, be careful if you do not have such a mailbox when browsing sex doll sites.

3. Missing user privacy policy, etc.

User privacy policy information is very important and tells consumers how to handle personal information. If the website you are browsing does not have it, we may collect personal information for other purposes.

4. Are the product parameters on the sex doll detail page sufficient?

Many doll website parameters are copied from other websites. Since they are not closely linked to each other, the information is often incorrect or incomplete. Before buying a doll, make sure the doll’s parameters are complete.

5. Will it appear in the top directories of some adult websites?

There are many adult love doll websites that are already prestigious today. The sites collected on these sites are absolutely safe, so be sure to check these authoritative sites first before buying a doll. For example, realsexdoll.com is an officially licensed retail store. This certainly helps.

6. Too cheap

If you want a good sex doll, you have to pay good money. If the prices are much lower than other websites, you may either get a poor product, or not get one at all. Shop around and make sure you know the price bracket for the doll you want. This page explains how to find cheaper sex dolls.

7. Contact the sex doll brand

Contacting the sex doll brand to confirm whether the seller is authorized or not is a great step towards wading out sex doll scammers. The Brand will be very supportive to help you buy from a genuine seller because buying from swindlers tarnishes their name and affects business on their side. For example, WMDOLL maintains a strict authorization policy over their overseas resellers, you can check with wmdoll to confirm whether the seller is authorized.

Avoid unauthorized sellers at all costs.

When a real sex doll arrives at home, you can determine its authenticity in the following ways:


To reduce the cost of counterfeits, many bad manufacturers use packaging made of inferior materials and have a pungent odor. What is the difference between good and bad materials in terms of appearance?
1. Products with inferior materials are unstable, have a lot of oil, and can be left for several hours, causing the buttocks to deform.
2. Smell. Even if you wear talcum powder, it still has a great odor, and if you smell it for a long time, it will be harmful to your body.
3. Sex dolls made of good materials are generally soft, elastic, oil-free and non-deformable.

Real doll parts

A. A love doll with a built-in skeleton can perform various movements and postures, and has a skeleton up to the fingers and toes, allowing you to stand or sit. The 1: 1 lifelike sex doll parts are more complex and primarily utilize frictional forces to achieve the positioning effect. After a long period of use, the friction surface will wear and the joint will loosen, making molding difficult. This issue is basically an issue for all manufacturers.
B. We are using a new medical non-toxic substance. Made of non-toxic medical TPE and silicone and a new polymer material, Real sex Dolls are resistant to high temperatures and tears, providing human-like elasticity and softness.

What is a smart sex dolls?

Currently, domestic smart sex dolls have two main functions.
a. Smart body temperature
By adjusting the infrared remote control, you can reach 37 degrees, which is close to that of a real human being.
b. Smart voice
The smart chip realizes high fidelity voice, adopts intelligent technology, and emits high fidelity voice through smart chip sensor.

Realsexdoll offers the following services:

Official brand authorization regular version love doll
First-class customer service
Before and after-sales service
Free delivery
Customs / Customs Clearance Service.

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