WM Dolls

WM Doll, which was made by Jinsan Wanmei (China), is one of the most famous sex doll manufacturers and brands in the world. They have rich experience and the most advanced doll manufacturing technology. This factory not only produces wmdoll, but also provides OEM services for famous brands such as SE DOLL, YL DOLL and OR DOLL, etc..

WM Dolls are carefully crafted and professionally processed by professionals. High-quality silicone and TPE materials, exquisite makeup, and realistic touch make wm dolls more premium and realistic. Therefore, WM Dolls are loved by most tpe sex doll lovers. RealSexDoll.com is an authorized vendor of WM Doll. We are happy to help you. Contact our team when you need help.

Skin Color

Lubricant-Free Vagina

Lubricant-free vagina, also called water-lubrication vagina, is a new option for SE sex dolls. It provides a simple way to use the doll when you have no lubricant around. Just pour the water into the vagina and you can enjoy the lubricating effect. Using the lubricant before sexual activity can help prevent itching, burning, chafing, and other discomforts.

Body Painting

Hyper realism body painting.

Finger Joints

How do wm doll finger joints work?

Implanted Hair