Articulated Fingers Option For Sex Doll

Articulated Fingers Option For Sex Doll

Are you struggling with your doll’s fragile, metal wire skeleton fingers that bend in all directions? With advances in sex doll production technology and strong market demand, the articulated finger skeleton is available now!

Articulated finger skeleton allows for more poses, and they are less prone to punctures and breakage. This is something that the previous wire skeleton fingers could not do. This is a huge step forward for the sex doll industry and really good news for sex doll lovers.

The range of motion of the hand is 95% similar to that of a human hand. This allows both upward and downward hand movements. With the new articulated fingers, lateral and medial rotation of the forearm is also possible. But articulated fingers can’t be tangled.

Articulated fingers are available for WM Doll & YL Doll TPE sex dolls over 140cm, 153cm, 156cm, 158cm, 159cm, 161cm, 165cm, 166cm, 168 Plus Irontech dolls and all Starpery dolls.

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