Sino Doll Bespoke Elements

Sino Doll specializes in the design and production of premium quality realistic silicone sex dolls made with medical-grade premium silicone, specially formulated for their hyper-realistic, high definition love dolls. Sino Dolls offer advanced skin textures including smooth matte effect, and hyper-realistic painting, creating smooth, delicate, highly durable, highly flexible softness with a believable human skin feeling and visual experience that can’t be beaten. By default, all Sino Dolls come with their standard realistic skin texture, an upgraded skeleton that has sideways bending motion, and ultra-soft breasts. For even more realism like hyper-realistic skin painting and smooth matte effect, as well as the ultra-soft vagina, inner thigh, and ass options.


Body Type

Body Capabilities


Real Implant eyebrow for the life-size sex dolls, it will make your love doll look lifelike and real.

Implanted Eyebrow (Left) & Painted Eyebrow (Right)

sino eyebrow implanted

Lips Color


Make-up  Hyper-realism painting & Smooth matte effect

Smooth matte effect on the head surface makes the faceless oil. There will be a better touch feeling. Hyper-realism painting & Smooth matte effect can increase the realism of makeup, making it look more like a real person’s face.

Body  Painting 

The body is more clearly defined with painting. It looks like a real human body.

We do not recommend the use of harsh liquids to clean the doll, such as alcohol, laundry detergent, etc.

Custom nipple colors and R+S effects have slight differences, please choose carefully as it is non-refundable.

R+S effect is available for any Sino body, only for S30, S31, S32, S33, and S30b heads.

Implanted Hair 


Every realistic sex doll has one of the most realistic body styles. Shrug are available with a fully articulated body and newly enhanced skeleton. That means you can pose more and to a greater extent. It’s better for photography.


Ultra Soft Body Options

Virginal Membrane

Bikini Line


sino tattoo 01

Pubic Hair