How To Avoid Ccratching the Floor With the Foot Bolts of the Dolls?

How To Avoid Ccratching the Floor With the Foot Bolts of the Dolls?

Generally speaking, the standing of the dolls needs to be chosen in advance on the custom link. Dolls are made of very soft materials, especially TPE, and require an artificial skeleton to give support internally, but the palms and feet at the end of the limbs are not normally supported by special artificial bones. So if the doll needs to stand, it has to undergo a separate special treatment. Bolts need to be added to the soles of the feet to enable the doll to stand. In most cases, there are 2 bolts on the left and right side of the toe sole and at the midpoint of the arch, and 1 bolt on each side of the heel, making a total of 3 bolts.

Most stand-up dolls today are with bolts, meaning that the manufacturer will add three very small metal bolts to the bottom of the doll’s stand.

In reality, many people are concerned that the bolts on the bottom of the doll’s feet will damage the floor of the room. It depends on the material of the floor, if it is concrete or rigid tiles it will not usually be crushed. However, if it is a wooden floor or flexible tile, it will dent very easily and the surface will peel off easily.

So how do avoid scratching the floor with the foot bolts of the solid dolls?

The first way is to wear shoes or socks.

Dolls include standing features that often scratch the floor, so manufacturers who know this will offer complimentary items, including shoes before the product is shipped. However, the weight price and overall cost of postage are usually too high for manufacturers and distributors to guarantee that they will give them away.

Of course, you can also buy additional shoes and socks. You don’t have to buy too expensive shoes or socks, just target your choice. It is best to choose flat shoes, if you are worried about spikes poking your shoes you can purchase an additional pair of thick insoles, cotton soled slippers are a good choice. Choose high heels carefully as the balance of a solid doll is harder to find and it is difficult to maintain the pose in high heels. If using high heels, we recommend leaning the doll against the stand.

A pair of towel bottom socks or silicone socks is also a good choice. However, the presence of bolts when putting the socks on and off can cause problems and may tear the socks, and the doll’s toenails may fall off if not removed slowly, so care needs to be taken by the user.

The alternative, which is simpler and cruder, is to prevent the doll from standing directly on the floor.

When storing dolls independently, it can be troublesome to move them back and forth to put them in their boxes, so you can temporarily place them standing up or even against a wall. However, standing for long periods may cause the dolls to have increasingly large perforations in the soles of their feet. We recommended that they are placed flat after each period of standing.

Depending on the manufacturer’s process and technology dolls with standing features vary greatly in the bolts’ design, quality, and durability. The weight is applied and transferred through the bolts when the doll stands up. It is unbearable to support a 20-40 kg doll with just two legs; over time the joints in the internal structure may loosen and the doll’s standability and stability will be compromised. At this point, choose a yoga mat or blanket to lay under the doll’s feet, that way the bolts at the bottom of the feet won’t hit the floor.

It is not advisable to leave the doll standing for long periods, as this can easily lead to tears or crushing of hidden parts.

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