How To Choose the Right Height For Sex Doll?

How To Choose the Right Height For Sex Doll?

The dolls are generally engaged between 1m and 1.7m, some people like petite, and some people like tall dolls, in short, they have a wide audience. But in some European countries, too small dolls are not allowed to sell and purchase, if you buy such a doll, will be quite trouble! For example, there is a British boy who was sued for buying a 1.3m silicone doll!

The following are a few factors to consider before deciding on the height of the doll.

1. The approximate weight of dolls of different heights

65cm – 140cm. The smallest are 65 ~ 100cm mini dolls, and due to their height, these dolls are the lightest. This is ideal if you don’t have room to collect dolls or don’t want to move heavy dolls for a long time. The weight is between 5 kg and 12 kg, and because they are smaller, they will not be as realistic in terms of appearance. However, this small height range of dolls means that more maintenance and care are required, as they need to be dressed and stored carefully. To prevent soiling, a white blanket should be placed under the doll before storage, in addition, nothing should be placed on top of the doll to prevent damage.But pay attention to the local legal policies in your area. If there are special requirements, it is recommended to buy masturbators or torsos.

141cm – 175cm. The life-size height range is ideal, which makes the doll look like a real person. The price may be a bit higher, but it is a pleasant investment for the collection. The closer you get to the height of 160cm, the more realistic the doll will become. Also, all dolls in this section are generally weighing more than 30 kg and do not feature portability. If it is a plump doll, it may weigh more than 45 kg, which is too bulky. This also results in not being able to move this body-size doll regularly and is generally fixed in a certain area for a long time to display.

2. Choose the right physical doll according to your height

When buying a doll, your height is also important, because it will affect your experience. Generally speaking, you can calculate the right height according to your height, 15cm and 10cm is the best result after much customer feedback. The difference between yourself and the doll within about 20cm is adequate.

For example, a person with 175 cm height can choose a doll with 175-15= 160 cm and 175-10= 165 cm. 160 cm is the lower height limit of the doll, while the upper height limit is 165 cm. A doll between 160 cm and 165 cm will be the most suitable height of the doll.

3. Of course, the most important thing is to buy the doll according to your ideal, as long as you like it, everything is not a problem.

In addition to this, it is also important to know that there will be differences in the specifications of the dolls from different manufacturers. For example, not all 160cm dolls weigh the same, it depends on the supplier, scale, material, brand, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to always know their specifications in detail before purchasing.

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