Hyper Realistic Painting of Real Sex Doll

Hyper Realistic Painting of Real Sex Doll

Do you like such pale lips and face? The answer must be No. No one can say no to beautiful sex dolls with delicate makeup and body painting. With the continuous improvement of doll production and makeup technology, the makeup of dolls is becoming more and more realistic. Freckles, moles, blood vessels, hair transplantation, and even the texture of the skin can be available.

WM TPE Dolls

WM Silicone Dolls

Starpery Silicone&TPE Doll


Zelex Doll

Irontech Doll

Elsababe Doll

Jiusheng TPE Doll

Jiusheng Silicone Doll

There is no doubt that the production process of silicone dolls is more exquisite. Silicone dolls have far better makeup than TPE dolls. We do recommend the body painting for all sex doll lovers. It will make your doll more gorgeous. That’s perfect for taking photos.

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