Irontech Doll Bespoke Elements

Irontech Doll is known for its particularly detailed and artistically colored intimate areas. All the Irontech dolls are fully customizable and now come with the M16 neck and body connector, making them fully and compatible with WM, YL & OR Dolls. We have access to the full Irontech Dolls range.

Articulated Finger Joints

Normal finger inside with a complete wire sitting finger skeleton. Articulated fingers increase the finger joints, which allow it to pose in a fixed position. With the jointed hand, it is more realistic to touch, just like real hands. Articulated finger joints are suitable for 153cm, 156cm, 158cm, 159cm, 161cm, 165cm, 166cm, 168cm plus body.

TPE Doll Bespoke Elements

Skin Color

Body Type


Body Details


Wig Details

Eyes Color

Nipple Color & Size

Nail Color

Pubic Hair

Silicone Doll Bespoke Elements

Body Type & Details

148cm & 153cm

158cm Pregnant



161cm & 165cm



Body Details


Implanted Hair

Nail Color

Feet Type

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