Is it Better for My Sex Doll to Have a Standing Foot?

Is it Better for My Sex Doll to Have a Standing Foot?

The Sex Dolls available on our website are largely customizable. It is possible to choose the wig, skin colour, the presence of pubic hair as well as the “standing or normal foot” option, etc. This article precisely proposes to explain the meaning of the “standing or normal foot” option. It just refers to a structural change concerning the feet area. In short, it consists of a special support applied to the feet which allows the doll to autonomously stand. Moreover, three pins are inserted to provide further support. This small change makes the Sex Doll even more realistic. The doll can even wear flat shoes, however we strongly advise against the use of high-heeled shoes if you want the doll to stand. RealSexDoll allows its customers to customize their dolls without any change in the price reported on the product page.

Why choose the standing foot option for sex dolls

A sex doll is comprised of an outer flesh-like material, such as TPE or silicone, which surrounds an internal heavy metallic skeleton. The skeleton is critical as is allows for realistic movement and posing of the doll.

As realistic sex dolls are adult-sized and made of dense materials, like the internal metal frame, they can be considerably heavy. Lightweight, advanced sex dolls can weight under 60 lbs., but the majority of sex dolls are in 60-90 lb. range. Some sex dolls can weight over 100 lbs.

When this weight is applied and concentrated on the bottom of the doll’s feet when it is in the standing position, the metal frame is pushed down and the weight of the doll becomes concentrated over the heels and soles of the feet. This downward force would easily penetrate through the 0.5-1.0″ of flesh on the bottom of the feet if the doll were to be stood up on its own, even once.

A standing foot is the same as the regular foot but the ankle has been redesigned and the foot reinforced, giving all dolls with the standing foot option the ability to stand on their own. Available for size 100cm and above dolls. So, What is the best option? To answer this question, you must consider all the pros and cons.
First of all, it is worth stressing that the feet are the same in both the versions.
This means that the feet in the “standing foot” option are identical to the ones in the “normal foot” version, albeit redesigned and reinforced.


  • More realistic standing position
  • Easier to be dressed
  • Suitable for photo shoots thanks to its ability to stand without any external support.


  • The pins are visible and may bother the user
  • The foot mobility is limited. It can be rotated downwards by 150°, but not upwards.
  • It is hard to make the doll stand. This operation may take some time and it is necessary to find the perfect balance. This may sound strange, but even Sex Dolls “grow older.” Over time, the joints of the internal structure may loosen, therefore it will take more time to make it stand.

Standing feet are great for

  • Photography
  • Storing your doll upright in the house.
  • Assisting with dressing your doll.
  • Assisting with cleaning your doll.
  • Assisting with moving from one place to another.
  • And actually standing. (in flat shoes)
  • People with a shoe fetish who want their doll to stand in shoes. (*always use support when in heels*)
  • Having sex whilst standing

Not great for

  • People with a foot fetish (bolts are visible on the bottom of feet)
  • Foot Flexibility (cannot move upward or side to side – only down)

For this reason, if you are considering standing your doll, even if briefly, and even with shoes, the “standing feet” option is highly recommended and is the only sure way to avoid damaging the bottoms of the doll’s feet when it is standing. These bolts can be removed at any time once installed and re-inserted when it is time to stand the doll; or, they can be permanently left in place. They can also be adjusted in height by tightening or loosening the bolts.

The “standing feet” option adds threaded bolts to the bottom of the doll’s feet, three per foot, which connect directly to the internal skeleton. This way when the doll is stood up, the weight is applied and transferred through the bolts and not transferred through the soft flesh of the bottom of the doll’s feet.


The new foot is rigid and can move from a 90 degree flat foot to 150 degree downward angle only. The foot cannot move upward or side to side.

The studs on the bottom of the foot are on the outside of the skin and secured into the bottom of the foot.

Flat or no shoes only are approved for standing. High heel shoes can be worn on the foot but only flat shoes are recommended for standing. If heels are used we recommend leaning the doll on a support.

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