Payment Information

Payment Information

We offer the following payment methods for your new real sex doll.

1. Credit or Debit Card

We accept all credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. No Paypal account is required when you pay through PayPal.

Please note that the billing address MUST BE the same as the billing address you provided to the credit card issuer. To prevent online fraud, incorrect billing address orders will be rejected right away.

2. PayPal

You may use funds from your PayPal account balance to pay for your order.

3. PayPal Credit

If you have applied through PayPal for a PayPal Credit account, you may use your PayPal Credit to pay for your order.

To apply for PayPal credit, please visit this link here –

Once you have been accepted, you can then use the credit to purchase through our store. You must, however, have the correct amount of credit available in order to be able to pay using this method.

4. Multi-Card Payment

If you would like to pay using multiple credit or debit cards, please contact us prior to ordering and we can send you an invoice to pay with multiple payment cards.

5. Bank Wire / Western Union

If you need one of these options, please talk to us via the Live Chat below or email us at