116cm/ 3ft8 Half Body Sex Doll Sexy Long Leg

116cm/ 3ft8 Half Body Sex Doll Sexy Long Leg


Shaped from a real people, charming round buttocks, sexy vagina and labia, let you conquer. Enjoy the best sex experience. It has a realistic structure, is non-toxic, has no odor and feels like real skin. You don’t have to worry about whether this pussy masturbator is harmful to your health.

★Your doll should be cleaned every time use,with mild shower foam.
★When the skin becomes sticky, please clean with bath powder. Dry and use powder to make her smooth。
★Please dry with a towel after cleaning and apply powder. DO NOT use a hair dryer.
★Suggestion: please put on clothes for the doll to keep clean.
★Be careful when moving the doll, avoid dropping / knocking / breaking.

Brand: QiTa Doll

Material: TPE


Weight: 23.5kg

Hips: 86cm

Waist: 58cm

Thigh circumference: 49cm

Calf circumference: 32cm

*Estimated delivery time: Exceptions may apply (Click to find more details).

*Model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories for photo display. The free outfit does not match the one on the pictures.

*Please allow slight difference on manual measurement, display color variations, and weights due to different materials.

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