TPE Glue Stain Remover


TPE detergent
Function: Doll decontamination agent, used to dye the skin of sex dolls, the effect is excellent!

How to use detergent:
First, clean the dirty part of the doll and dry the surface moisture.
Use a cotton swab dipped in an appropriate amount to apply the stain remover evenly on the skin of the doll.
After waiting for 5 hours (the longer the time, the better the color removal effect), wipe the final surface with a cotton swab to clean the surface of the stain remover (you can see the cotton cloth when removing the color), and then reapply until the stain is stained, For example, 6 hours after swabbing with a cotton swab, if there is color, please repeat the above operation until the color of the color part disappears.
After removing the stains, please clean the colored parts, wipe dry water and apply hand powder.
Reminder: This product is non-corrosive, please rest assured to use it.
Product name: TPE glue.
Function: repair sex doll tool, paste effect.
Note: Do not touch the skin.

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