In Stock Sex Doll Heads [Worldwide Shipping]


Imagine how fun it is to see a different girl with a beautiful face every day. Imagine how fun it is to see a different beautiful faces of a girl every day. Now, RSD has inexpensive and high-quality in-stock heads for you, shipped within two business days. You’ll have a new head for your doll in no time. That’s right, it makes one of your dolls into many. Enjoy more freshness every day!

Why Choose

  • Premium Quality
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Order Tracking
  • Genuine Guarantee
  • 100% Safe Usage
  • Secure Payment

  • Please Note: Color settings on monitors vary, So your screen view may vary slightly from actual colors.

    To avoid color differences, we recommend buying the same brand of head to match your dolls. 

    "-S" means with tongue.

    "-S" means with tongue.

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