SE Doll Articulated Fingers are Free Now!

SE Doll Articulated Fingers are Free Now!

Many brands have recently officially introduced new articulated fingers for their TPE and silicone dolls. SE Doll joins the ranks of other brands as the fifth TPE sex doll brand to offer articulated fingers. The most exciting news is that SE Doll’s upgraded finger option is now free!

The SE Doll’s articulated finger update really is just like WM’s. It has a steel hand skeletal system with pivot joints and is protected by a white covering to safeguard the skin of the fingers from damage. Dolls with articulated fingers can reasonably position a series of hand and finger setups without having to stress over cables running through the TPE.

Clearly, this new articulated finger option has become a fundamental pattern in the sex doll market. People near dolls will be happy about this, as many doll owners did not like the old delicate cable fingers. It took a while, however eventually, the doll market brought great information to people near dolls as their fingers worked and the hand skeletal system advanced.

Free fingers are only temporary. You shouldn’t miss out.

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