SE Doll User Guide

SE Doll User Guide

Founded in 2016, the SE DOLL brand is an online retailer and multinational company with its main production base in Shenzhen, China. SE DOLL is strategically based in China with a sales representative office in the U.S, specializing in the development and production of sex dolls. SE Dolls offers high-quality sex dolls, handcrafted with extra care in the world-renowned Jinshan workshop.

SE Doll is made of high-quality elastic TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone. During the manufacturing process, the skeleton inside the mold is precisely installed and positioned to allow the doll to pose with human poses. With the upgraded skeleton of the doll, the joints can be twisted to a greater extent, and can also make more human-like poses.

Range of Movement


The head of the doll is connected to the body by a metal connector and can rotate freely from side to side. However, as the neck is fixed to a metal skeleton, it should not be bent forward or backward over 45 degrees.

Hands & Fingers

The doll’s hands can be folded 45 degrees inward or outward, but not more than 45 degrees in any direction. Do not do a complete rotation.

Each TPE finger of the SE doll is supported by a steel wire inside. It is not recommended to bend the wire often as this may lead to breakage. Articulated finger joints can be bent and posed as in Figure 3, which normal fingers cannot do. Please do not use the doll’s hands to hold heavy objects or allow the weight of the doll to press on her palms, as this may cause permanent damage to the TPE.

Check SE Doll articulated finger joints video here.


The doll’s forearms can move upward, but cannot be bent in any other direction (just like a real person). One thing to note is that you should be very careful when placing the TPE doll! Because the forearms of TPE dolls can move. Ordinary skeleton dolls can not do the same pose as the EVO skeleton. Take some time to understand how the hinge works before trying to impose a complex pose. Complicated poses and leaving the doll in one pose for long periods of time can put the doll at risk of tearing.

Shoulder and Upper Arm

SE doll with EVO skeleton. The shoulders can be moved back and forth slightly by about 15 degrees. This makes the position of the upper arms more realistic and the doll looks more natural and human-like when posed.

The arms can be raised horizontally to the same height as the chest, which is about 60 degrees. They can be raised about 90 degrees forward or slightly bent backward by 10 degrees. Excessive stretching may damage the material in the armpit area. Therefore, we do not recommend raising the arms very high.


The waist can be folded forward and backward approximately 40 degrees. The body can also be rotated from side to side, but no more than 40 degrees. In the horizontal direction, the waist of the doll can be bent about 30 degrees from side to side. Note that the angle limit is greatly reduced when the waist is bent and rotated at the same time.


The thigh spread angle of the SE doll should not exceed 120 degrees. Please note that in this case, the TPE material will be subjected to excessive pressure, which may lead to tears. The safe angle for opening the legs is a maximum of 50 degrees on both sides, and no more than 15 degrees from the vertical to the inside of the body.

Lower Leg

The thighs can be rotated to replicate some interesting positions. The knees can be turned inward a little, giving the doll a typical Asian manga girl position. To rotate the thigh, it is recommended to bend the lower part of the leg backward and then rotate it only a few degrees.

The lower legs can also be bent backward by 30 degrees. Please be careful using this extreme position! In any case, do not let the legs of the SE doll fold for too long. Otherwise, unsightly creases will quickly appear in the groin area.


The feet can be bent forward, angled to the sides, and lifted slightly. If you choose the standing option, you will notice three protruding bolts at the bottom of each foot. They serve as contact points with the ground. Without these screw dolls, you can’t stand up!

A woman in high heels can be very attractive. However, it is okay to wear high heels for a short period of time. But wearing high heels for a long time is a very dangerous act. This can cause the soles of the doll’s feet to tear. When a doll tries to stand upright, the feet should be flat and the six studs should touch the ground. Standing alone for long periods of time is also not recommended.


  • Please be gentle with your doll, any act of violence can make you lose her.
  • Moveable keys are limited, please do not twist the joints to a great extent.
  • Do not leave the doll in one position for a long time, there is a risk of creases and tears.
  • Do not allow the doll to stand for long periods of time.
  • Do not allow your doll to wear very close clothing and shoes.

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