Sex Dolls, Not Just A Sex Toy

Sex Dolls, Not Just A Sex Toy

Can you imagine how many sex dolls are sold in a year? According to the “2020 Jingdong Adult Products Consumption Report”, in 2020, China’s domestic sales of sex dolls will be about 600,000, with an average of 50,000 sold per month and about 2 million worldwide. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, people stay at home more time, and the sales of physical dolls also increased exponentially. In China, dolls account for the largest share of consumption in Guangdong Province, which is also home to the world’s largest doll factory. Internationally, the United States is the largest purchaser of love dolls in the world.

Uses of the doll

Silicone doll manufacturer CST has counted that among their buyers: about 40% of them use physical dolls as purely sexual tools; another 40% are willing to treat physical dolls as “lovers”, exerting emotions and desires on them to satisfy the two-way companionship between soul and body; in addition, there are about 20% of the buying population that treat them as purely large toy dolls.

1. As A Companion

Although the doll was introduced as an adult product, today, silicone dolls have more companionship meaning on them. Silicone dolls are just an alternative and fulfillment to real life, leaning more towards possession and control of a person. The owner of the doll may be frustrated in real life, have difficulty establishing a better realistic relationship, or have some psychological needs that cannot be met in reality and need to satisfy that part of their fantasy in a virtual world.

Some people may not be able to express their desires with a real partner and choose to get satisfaction from a doll. Although dolls cannot replace real people, they can achieve a portion of emotional satisfaction, even mend hurts, repair losses, and satisfy a portion of psychological desires.

Psychologist Dr. Aaron Ben-Zeév has written that intimacy is much more than sex; its most important feature is a meaningful, lasting and friendly reciprocal relationship that feels unique and irreplaceable. Sexual encounters of all kinds are inherently brief and superficial, and it doesn’t matter who the partner is, it can even be imaginary. So, turning into a doll or robot partner does not negatively affect sexual satisfaction, but the durability and depth of intimacy depend on active imagination, not pure fantasy, such as imagining metal or plastic as a unique, irreplaceable and important presence.

Some people think of dolls as their deceased wives, allowing them to wear their wives’ clothes to relieve their longing for them and the loneliness they find hard to drive away. There are also people who treat silicone dolls as their sons and daughters. In addition to single people, there are 30% to 40% of people who have male and female friends and families will also buy silicone dolls.

2. Physiological Needs

Sexual needs are originally one of the normal physiological needs of human beings, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, sexual needs as physiological needs, are one of the most important and powerful needs of human beings. As the most important primitive instinct outside of survival, sex, is a very natural, normal and private thing.

People with disabilities and the elderly living alone, fetish, dermatologists, feminophobes, physically and mentally challenged people, etc. are unable to solve and satisfy their physiological needs in a normal way. Sex dolls play a very important role in this regard. As dolls have no personality and no soul, compared to real people, eliminating a lot of trouble in communication; on the other hand, the look of the dolls is carefully developed by the manufacturer, each with a perfect body and face, some manufacturers also provide customization services, according to the customer’s preferences to make special dolls, just spend money to hold a “dream girl” who obeys your words home.

A domestic Chinese doll forum has more than 220,000 members, with a male to female ratio of 65%:35%. More than 90% of the consumers who buy dolls are men, and men between the ages of 22 and 55 are the most dominant buying group. Indeed, closer to popular conjecture, the primary buying demographic for dolls is male, as people saw dolls more as sex objects in the early days. However, in recent years, the secondary population has joined the player base, and more women are buying dolls, and they will buy them back and raise them as “sisters”. And because of the increase in female players, more and more manufacturers are producing male dolls as well.


Regardless of gender, everyone has the right to choose what they like. As more and more dolls flooded the market, their acceptance became higher. Advances in the production technology of silicone dolls have also made the dolls more realistic. They have more realistic body details, can be heated, and even simple conversations have been achieved. We believe that in the future, the market for sex robots is booming and people can enjoy more advanced and intelligent real love dolls.

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