The Halloween Sale is Now On!

The Halloween Sale is Now On!

The 2022 Halloween sale has begun! Let’s take a look at the different brands’ Halloween promotions!

WM Doll & YL Doll
As a well-known brand in the industry, WM Doll offers a special offer of 50% off cleaners! And there’s a mystery gift with the purchase of a custom doll! At the same time, we still have all our dolls in stock at the promotional price of 1499. Hurry up and order now!

SE Dolls

SE doll’s also got a great promotion! And a free hanging stand for storing dolls!

Irontech Doll

Irontech Doll is also quite sincere with this Halloween sale, with so many options to choose from for free. And you can even customize the unique look you want!

Starpery Dolls
With the weather about to cool down, how can you go wrong with Starpery Dolls! Also with free benefits to choose from, and what’s more, a free electric blanket with the purchase of the doll! The Starpery Dolls are also available with free benefits. And I hear there’s a live raffle too!

Zelex Doll
Don’t miss this event if you like Chinese and Western style clothing. Five sets of dolls’ clothes to choose from, each one super pretty!

Dolls Castle
The new brand on the website is also taking part in the Halloween sale! Prices are very low and giving away extra second head for free, so please support this brand!

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