The Newest Zelex Doll Options

The Newest Zelex Doll Options

Established in 2013, Zelex Doll is a star standard factory enterprise brand. Their process experience is rich to ensure the sex dolls are perfect in workmanship and guarantee well-made details. Zelex silicone dolls have a unique and lifelike appearance. The soft and elastic texture can realize more sexual positions, allowing you to feel different sexual pleasures at all times. They are famous for their beautiful faces and popular with sex doll lovers. Here RealSexDoll has collected all the options now available for zelex to provide a better guide for my buying customers.

Skin Color

Body Type

Skeleton Type

Articulated Fingers


Wig Type

Eyes Color

Areola Color

Areola Size

Fingernail Color

Vagina Type

Labia Color

Pubic Hair

Body Moaning

Body moaning can be chosen to be installed or not in the body.

Bikini Line


Zelex Doll is one of the most realistic manufacturers of silicone sex dolls on the market today. Now, zelex doll $275 for the second silicone head! We have all the best zelex dolls. Have a look NOW.

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