Weight Loss Option for WM Dolls

Weight Loss Option for WM Dolls

Good news for you!

WM TPE sex dolls‘ latest technology –the weight-loss option, has finally been implemented and is officially available for sale. We believe this will be a great surprise for WM fans and fans who love TPE dolls.

For TPE dolls, the weight loss technique is new. Currently, you can only add this weight reduction option to Starpery and WM TPE sex dolls.

Chances are you’ve heard of the weight reduction option and seen that some brands like Starpery and Zelex have implemented weight reduction technology, but that’s only when it comes to silicone dolls.

What changes will TPE doll weight loss bring? Is it good or bad?

TPE is a new polymer material that is very close to the feel of real human skin. It is soft and flexible like mochi and does not deform easily. Also, TPE is the mainstream material in the adult doll market, and almost all premium life-size real love dolls for sale are made of TPE material. Therefore a large percentage of people buy TPE dolls.

Many people in the doll community complained about the weight of TPE dolls.The movement range of the lifelike love doll is limited, so you can’t forcibly pull or move its limbs, so it is important to move the doll gently, but for a doll that has absolutely no self-support, even if it is only 25 kg, it is very difficult for some people to move it. For example, Zora, one of the hottest stars of WM, weighs 46.25kg. It would be very difficult for you to do activities with her.

WM’s latest weight reduction technology can reduce the original 50 kg doll to 33 kg! Greatly reduce the weight of the doll, so that the doll’s movement becomes more flexible and enhances the sexual experience, while the weight reduction increases the sense of the skeleton of the doll, which allows you to touch the feeling closer to the real human body. This is WM’s weight reduction program.
For now, WM only offers this option to three popular bodies: 168 cm, 163 cm H, and 173 cm.

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Tip:The cost of the weight loss option is $150. If you want to reduce the weight of the doll, please leave a message in the order notes or contact us on the home page of the website.

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