What Kinds of Shoes Can Sex Doll Wear?

What Kinds of Shoes Can Sex Doll Wear?

Many owners of sex dolls ask if their dolls can wear shoes? What kind of shoes should they wear? How can I wear them to reduce the damage to my doll’s feet? We have some suggestions on these issues.

The answer is YES. You can choose many kinds of shoes for your sex dolls, but there are many things to be aware of. The doll’s feet are fragile and require extra care.

Most doll enthusiasts recommend wearing sneakers, especially high-top shoes because they support the feet and ankles. Dolls with the standing foot option can stand in flat shoes as long as the bones are not too loose. We do not recommend wearing high heels for dolls. Even dolls that have the standing foot option have a hard time standing in any type of high heels. If you want to give your doll high heels, it’s best to do so while sitting or lying down. Because dolls have very delicate structures in their feet and toes, they tend to slip off the shoes and the toes can get smashed and deformed.


  • High heels may cause the doll’s feet to become unbalanced and damage the sex doll.
  • Don’t let your doll wear pointy shoes, which will squeeze her toes and cause them to stick together.
  • Do not let the doll stand for long periods of time, whether she is wearing shoes or not.
  • Don’t leave your heels on the sex doll for too long, which can make your feet and ankles wrinkle.
  • Be very careful when wearing shoes.
  • Thick insoles, memory foam and gel insoles help protect the feet of sex dolls.
  • Always leave socks on your sex doll to protect the doll’s feet.
  • The size of the shoe should be appropriate, not larger than one size.
  • Baby powder is always a good helper, both before putting on your shoes and when taking them off. If you find that your toes are stuck together, don’t panic. Please sprinkle baby powder on your doll’s feet.
  • It is common for creases and wrinkles to appear on the skin. If this happens, let the doll rest on the floor in a straight line. The wrinkles will fade away. If there are wrinkles, do not fold them to avoid any damage. Allow the skin to return to its original shape before storing it.

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