Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Cancellation Policy

Can I Cancel My Order?

Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the order being placed will incur a cancellation fee of 5% of the order amount. Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the order being placed will incur a minimum 20% cancellation fee (the factory will bill us for the cancellation fee). Once your doll has started production at the factory, no cancellations are allowed.


Can I Change My Order?

We accept requests to change your order depending on the option you want to change and the stage of the product in the production process. If your order is placed 48 hours in advance, we will provide the change free of charge. If your order has been placed more than 48 hours ago, please contact us as soon as possible to confirm if changes can be made. For example, pubic hair, standing feet, areola color, vagina color, etc. can be changed after the doll is completed. Skin color, tongue, type of vagina, etc. are not changeable. Changing your order may cause delays and may incur additional charges. To avoid unnecessary trouble, please choose your options carefully when placing your order. If you have any doubts, contacting us is the best solution.

Refunds Policy

We strongly recommend you take a video/photo of the outside of the box upon arrival, especially if you find any damage. All of RSD’s dolls are rigorously inspected before they leave the factory. We will send factory photos to customers via email before shipment, and the dolls will be sent out only after we get confirmation. (If we have been unable to contact the customer, we will ship directly according to the order address. To avoid unnecessary trouble for you, please pay attention to checking the mailbox.)  The unboxing photo or video is an important basis for checking eligibility for refund or replacement. If there is any problem, please send us the photo or video within 48 hours after receiving the doll.


Minor Damage or Crushing

The doll has a long way to go before it arrives, which means there may be some unavoidable minor damage or crushing. Examples include creases, loose nails, loose or detached eyelashes, etc. In the event of similar problems, customers should make reasonable efforts to repair or resolve these minor issues with the guidance and assistance of RSD. These imperfections and minor damages are except our Returns Policy.


Severe Breakage Due to Transportation

If the damage to the box has been found at the time of delivery by the courier, please do not refuse to accept it. The huge shipping cost arising from the refusal will be borne by the customer. If you can, please inspect the goods before signing for them. Of course, due to the special nature of the doll, many people may not want to inspect the goods in person. Then please keep the photos or video and contact the courier company and us as soon as possible.


Cases Are Not Allowed to Refund

Ordered or custom-made dolls can be replaced if there is an obvious manufacturing defect. Due to the unique nature of our products, we do not accept returns of used items. Refunds and returns are not accepted for used, washed, altered, customized, complimentary, promotional, free choice, and replacement products. Stock dolls may not be unpacked and may only be returned in new condition. Problems caused by improper use or cleaning by the customers are also not included in our returns.


The Final Interpretation Right Belongs to reserve the right to review all returns, refunds, replacements, and cancellations on an individual basis, final decisions will be made at the discretion of To request a return, refund, replacement, cancellation, amendment or for more information, please contact us at [email protected]