Payment Methods

Payment Options

Credit Card

Credit Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, JCB are accepted for payments. All your payment information is secured by an SSL certificate. Simply add your credit card details in the payment flow to make a payment. Please confirm your credit volume is enough to place the order. We have multiple gateways for you to choose from.

You may be declined by your bank due to a large transaction. If your payment is failed, just contact your bank to authorize this transaction.


Choose PayPal invoice and You will receive a PayPal invoice and you can pay with your PayPal balance, debit card, or credit card. It’s a faster and more direct method to pay. Partial payment is available on PayPal.


Using Klarna, you can shop now and pay later. Paying later or in installments are great ways to budget and spread the cost of your spending.

With Klarna, you’ve now got three options: you can pay now, or you can spread the cost of your orders over three payments with Pay Later in 4 with Klarna, or you can financing and pay in 6-36 months. (What is Klarna?)

RSD Layaway Plan

Layaway is a system of making payments for merchandise without paying the full cost upfront. We are proud to offer you a 90 DAY interest-free layaway to make it easy to buy the love dolls that you want by paying for them through manageable installment payments.

How to do layaway?

1. Choose your love doll and place an order via clicking RSD Layaway plan when checkout. Your doll order will be hold-on.

2. Split your payment via our layaway link.

3. Please attach your order number every time you make payment. Once all payment is paid, an order confirmation will be sent to you by email.

Layaway terms:

  • $200 down is required for all layaway purchases to initiate. Paying via credit card is recommended.
  • Layaway requires payment should be completed in 90 days once the order is initiated.
  • When the item you are paying for is paid 50%, we’ll set up production; when it’s paid off, we will ship it.
  • Layaway orders are subject to a non-refundable 10% cancellation fee once initiates if you do not complete your layaway on time, or cancel at any time.
  • You will receive an order confirmation if order is paid off.

Bank Wire

Please email us ([email protected]) for detailed bank information and note us with your order number and amount.

Please feel free to online chat with us or sending an email to [email protected] if you have any questions about payment.