Real Sex Doll Factory Photo – Ready Doll Image

Pre-shipment Photos

Yeah! You are finally here. You must be much interested in how the doll looks from the factory and without any photoshop if you order one. Here are some photos from our real orders. 100% genuine!

For every customized sex doll order, we will send you detailed pictures before we ship the doll and you should confirm every detail is what you want. Once it’s shipped, the order cannot be changed any longer. Well, it may take 3-5 weeks to make the doll (check the making and shipping time for your order). Please keep our email ([email protected]) unblocked from your email.

We will have tried our best to restore the makeup as the advertisement photo as you see on our website. Please allow a slight difference. Thank you so much! If you have any special makeup requirements for your love doll, please note them in your message box when you place an order or contact us by email directly.

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