Price Match

Price Match At Real Sex Doll

At RealSexDoll, we aim to be competitive with all of our pricing. We’ll match the product prices of key online and local competitors for any products reputable competitor*.

*Please note that reputable competitors must be authorized to sell the product by the original brand/manufacturer of that product and that the product must be 100% guaranteed genuine. Many other doll companies are selling fake dolls while we are using the same pictures for one doll. Please make sure you are buying from an authentic seller when you are price matching with Real Sex Doll.

The competitor’s price needs to be publicly available to all customers. For us to verify these prices, they need to be displayed in the competitor’s own shop or on their website. The price must apply to a new, identical individual product, for the same make, model, size, and color and come with the same conditions of sale, delivery times, and service conditions* we offer to our customers.

Our Price Match Guarantee:
*The product must come with the same conditions of sale, delivery & service that we offer. We will also take into account any delivery charges when making a Price Match.
*The price must apply to identical products and include any upgrades, customizations, or extras. (Please provide screenshots for verification).
*We do not price match counterfeit or replica dolls.

Price Match is always at the discretion of RealSexDoll and may be refused at any time for any reason.

Please provide some information.