TPE Body with Silicone Head

TPE Body With Silicone Head

The silicone material used in manufacturing these sex dolls' heads gives them the most realistic facial appearance. With the silicone material used in the sex doll heads, it will be easy to sterilize and clean. Due to the TPE body of these sex dolls, different sexual positions can be achieved as the smooth-soft body comfortably stretches when there's an impact.

Not only can you see through the clear face, you can also see all its tiny details. Thanks to a 3D printer and a sophisticated algorithm, the face of this new generation of sex dolls is extremely realistic. What makes this product even more unique is the addition of a "muscle wire" skeleton inside the body. This makes it possible to reproduce the most realistic sexual positions. When you use the "muscle wire", the body will be able to stretch and mold to any shape you want. So whether you are a pro at making love or just starting out, you will find this product very useful and exciting.

If you want a delicate and realistic face, and a cheap price TPE body with silicone head sex dolls will be your perfect choice.

At present, the main manufacturers of such products include: WMDOLL, ILDOLL, XYDOLL,  AXBDOLL, etc..

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