How to Customize an Exclusive Sex Doll

How to Customize an Exclusive Sex Doll

Most customers buy ready-made love dolls, but some customers prefer to design an exclusive love doll for them. This is done so that they can experience the joie de vivre and sex of love dolls that match their fantasy. We would like to offer this service to demanding customers. We have the ability to make you a sex doll with hips, chest, face, complexion, hair and other required functions. We guarantee that everything you see will impress you. Almost every customer is amazed at the accuracy with which our artists reproduce fantasy.

The first thing you need to do to design and make high quality love dolls to the specifications you have provided is to visit our custom sex doll order page. Here you enter some contact information and describe exactly what you want. Once we’ve reviewed your request, we’ll let you know if we can do the work for you. We will also tell you the cost of custom love dolls.
Be very detailed when describing the love doll you want. Give us your specific size, skin tone and describe your facial features. Our artists need this information to get started. At the same time, we may have questions and need to consult you. Let us know if we are on the right track.

We can do some editing based on the photos you send us. However, there are limitations to this. We will choose between complete love dolls or heads. Some of our customers are only interested in buying custom heads. You can then install it on the sex doll you bought. Your love doll will look great. As soon as your sex doll is made, we will send it to you. When you receive it, you will be surprised. We use the same steel structure and realistic TPE material to make the love doll you want. It looks and feels like real. Don’t worry, she’ll have a breast and a fully functional sex organ too. If you want to know, the answer is yes! We also customize male love dolls.

There are several rules that you need to follow. If your order appears to describe the characteristics of a minor, we will seriously refuse you. We can’t copy celebrities either. The only exception is whether you can get consent. What we can do is create a love doll with many of the same characteristics. We can only provide you with a very large and healthy real doll with long blonde hair and blue eyes. It will definitely bring you a very positive imagination.

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