Beginners Guide of Lifelike Sex Dolls and Types to Choose From

Beginners Guide of Lifelike Sex Dolls and Types to Choose From

A sex doll is an adult object that expresses a woman’s vision.

The love doll, also known as the real doll, is a doll-shaped masturbation item that makes you feel like having sex with a woman.

There are so many ways to choose a love doll that many people are very annoyed when they first touch it. Before you buy, it’s important to understand the tips of your choice.

Currently, there are two types of real doll: silicone molded dolls and TPE sex dolls.

In addition, sex dolls are also divided into life-size, upper and lower body only, and you can freely choose your favorite doll according to the price and purpose.

The weight and size of sex dolls vary depending on the price, so if you want a sex doll, please read it.

Material classification

Currently, there are two types of sex doll materials, silicone and TPE.

TPE material Cost-effective)

The feel is soft.
More flexible.
Good thermal conductor, but vulnerable to excessive heat.
Hypoallergenic raw material. (Does not cause allergic reactions).
Easy to get dirty.
Adhesive slip without talc powder.
Porous material. Without proper maintenance, water remaining in the openings can cause mold growth.
Due to the nature of damping, it is difficult to disinfect.

Silicon material (luxury)

Finer and more realistic functions.
It can retain heat and excessive heat is less sensitive than TPE.
Easy to clean
Easy to disinfect
Resistant to dirt
A little expensive.
Adhesive slip without talc powder.
Not soft (than TPE)
A little unnatural shaking

We recommend that you buy a medium-class sex doll.

How to choose size and weight

When you want to buy a lifelike sex doll, the most important thing is to consider both “size and weight” and “realism”.
There are various types of sex dolls, such as a small size of about 100 cm and a large size of about 160 cm.
The smaller the size, the lower the price and the better the usability, but the larger the size, the more you can expect a sense of sex. However, the price may be a bit high.
Choosing the same weight as a real person will make you feel more comfortable. Mini sex dolls are easy to carry, but they are a little less realistic.

Integrated or separated

The next point when choosing a doll is that the holes are “integrated or removable”.
The integrated type is a type in which the insertion part cannot be removed, and the separate type is a type in which the insertion part can be removed. The integrated type has a realistic feel, but it has the disadvantage that it is difficult to clean and maintain after use.
On the other hand, the detachable type lacks a sense of realism, but it can be removed, washed, and dried after use, so maintenance is easy and it can be used for a long time.
Both types have their strengths and weaknesses, so check carefully before making your choice.

The appearance of an ideal sex doll

What kind of lady do you want? Big boobs or “tight” ass? Or what about curvy girls?

Fortunately, you can find many great options today by typing keywords on Google (such as “round ass sex dolls” or “big ass sex dolls”). In addition, many sex doll sites today have improved sex doll services. You can make it to order just by showing the picture of the “girl” you are looking for.

Choose a sex doll maker

Do not confuse the manufacturer with the supplier. Manufacturers are companies that design, manufacture and manufacture sex dolls, are the “creators” of these high quality products, and are the gods of sex dolls from concept to completion. A supplier is an online store licensed by the manufacturer and authorized to provide sex dolls to customers.

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