WM Dolls Scam Alert!

WM Dolls Scam Alert!

WM dolls are so popular with sex doll lovers. Jasmine is the most popular goddess! Her perfect body is a huge temptation for men. Of course, this has also caught the attention of sellers of fake dolls. Many fakes have appeared on the market. When you receive your doll, please refer to our anti-counterfeiting guide to verify your WM dolls.

1. A dirty body is a sign of counterfeit dolls

Every WM doll will be cleaned and checked carefully before shipping. There is no visible talcum powder on the body. Every doll is very clean.

2. Strange Body Parts

The fake doll has unnatural body curves. The shoulders are flat and straight and the head and neck join distinctly. There is the smooth skin of wm dolls, no extra ugly folds!

3. Terrible Hyper-realistic Body Painting

The make-up of the dolls is rough due to the use of poor quality make-up and wigs. The eyelashes and lipstick in the pictures tell some of the stories. If you don’t want to eat the toxic make-up, please be careful! WM’s dolls have uniform-sized areolas and colors. And look at what the hell the fake’s areolas are.

5. Details of the hands and feet

The wm doll has evenly toned hands and feet, a smooth feel and a clear texture, with no tears or flaws.

6. Package and gift

The wm doll comes in two layers of packaging. The inner packaging holds the doll in place well and minimizes damage from transport. Socks and shoes are included by default.

3. WM Dolls Anti-fake System

There is an anti-counterfeiting code for each wm doll. You can go to the official WM Doll website , input your code and the verification code.

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