Ultra Realistic Gel-Filled Breasts

Ultra Realistic Gel-Filled Breasts


What are gel-filled breasts?

As the name suggests, this option comes with jelly or gel material inside the breast. Super TPE gel material is used inside the breast. This material is as soft as human fat, which makes the gel-filled breast softer than the standard breast option and firmer and livelier than the hollow breast option. Squeezing them helps you experience a very realistic and lifelike touch.

The advantages and disadvantages of gel-filled breasts


  • Happy medium of soft yet firm and perky;
  • More natural shape;
  • The most realistic, touching like real boobs;


  •  Extra costs;
  • You will not be able to use the gel-filled breasts in combination with body heating when you buy a wm doll.
  • Risk of explosion; (We recommend hollow breasts the breast size are bigger than F-cup)



Which brands have gel-filled breast options?

  • WM Doll
  • YL Doll
  • SE Doll
  • Strapery
  • Zelex Doll
  • Angelkiss
  • Irontech
  • Piper/Doll House 168/Dollforever
  • 6Y
  • IL Doll
  • JY Doll

 If you want the most realistic boobs, gel-filled boobs must be the best choice.

This video shows how gel-filled breasts are made.


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