Weight Reduction Option is Available Now

Weight Reduction Option is Available Now

Are you BBW sex doll lovers? Do you dream of having a big doll, but are worried about her weight? Do you want to make your doll lighter? Now, all of these can be achieved.

Weight Reduction for WM Doll 163cm H-cup

WM Doll 163cm H-cup is one of the most popular sex dolls. But because of her weight, some doll lovers are discouraged. If you’re a strong man, you probably don’t need to think about this. But for the average person, it’s important to choose the right doll for you.

WM Doll has launched a weight reduction 163cm H-cup TPE doll body. The original weight of 163cm H-cup TPE doll body is about 55kg, but the weight-loss version body is just about 31kg. For those who want to buy, this is indeed good news.

Weight Reduction for Starpery TPE Dolls

Starpery’s silicone dolls already have a foam core and they are now using it for TPE dolls. It can reduce about 8-10kg for all Strpery TPE sex dolls. This option is currently available to the public but is still in the testing phase. At this time, no one knows if weight reduction will negatively impact softness or any other potential drawbacks.

The advancement of technology always requires us to keep hard working. Hopefully, weight reduction options will be available for all dolls in the near future.

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