Upgraded Gear Skeleton For Starpery Dolls

Upgraded Gear Skeleton For Starpery Dolls

Good news, Starpey dolls’ skeleton has been upgraded. The upgraded gear skeleton increases joint flexibility, durability, and freedom of posture.

Upgraded Gear Skeleton


Old Skeleton

  • More Positions. The new skeleton is more flexible and can easily pose more human-like movements.
  • No more strange noises. The old skeleton may make a creaking sound because it is too tight. The new skeleton solves the squeaking problem.
  • Less tearing. The modification of the shoulder skeleton reduces the underarm tearing caused by swinging.
  • Tighter but easier to swing. The new skeleton improves the problem of looseness of the old skeleton.
  • The new skeleton hip/shoulder joint will be more durable, extending the life of the skeleton.

Despite all the efforts and additional costs incurred by the Starpery team, the upgraded gear skeleton comes at no extra charge! Upgrade gear skeleton, realistic and exquisite upgrade body makeup, you will have a perfect sex doll from Starpery.

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